Body Betterment, Personal Training by Colleen Tomko, Ace Certified Personal Trainer
Body Betterment, Personal Training by Colleen Tomko, Ace Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness Training for Clients In
Hunterdon County, NJ
Warren County, NJ
Bucks County, PA
Northhampton County, PA

Think Personal Trainers are only for the rich and famous? Body Betterment is here to tell you that YOU CAN break the chain of misconceptions!!!

  • Restore your self confidence
  • Manage your weight
  • Sleep Better
  • Help fight & prevent disease
  • Improve your range of flexibility

Colleen Tomko became a personal trainer so she can share her love for a healthly successful lifestyle to anyone who can mentally seek the vision. She firmly believes that a positive mindset combined with her custom workouts can transform, enhance and heighten that sense of confidence that has been pushed aside by all the misconception from today’s media hype.

Colleen focuses on only the proven effective exercises and is well read on the latest-training aides. Her sessions will take the guesswork out, leaving you with the most effective workout, saving you time and money.

Ace Certified Personal Trainer
Educate - Liberate - Celebrate - Reward Yourself!
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T R A I N  AT  'T H E  W O R K O U T  R O O M  O N  B R I D G E  S T R E E T'
Get out of the house for your work-out in Body Betterment's Workout Room On Bridge Street. Save money and get all the same benefits of an in-home session at our location utilizing theTRX Suspension Training SystemLearn More >
Fitness Boot Camp
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Body Betterment
Providing Personal Training to Clients in Hunterdon, Warren, Bucks and Northhampton Counties.

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